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Gutter Services

Professional Gutter Service and Repair

Gutters are responsible for the diversion of water off of our roofs and take a beating through severe weather throughout the year. If your gutter is damaged or clogged, call our professionals at M & M Roofing & Siding LLC We offer a wide range of gutter maintenance and repair services designed to keep your gutters working the way they're supposed to. We also install new gutters on homes and business across Connecticut. Read on to learn more!

Leaf Relief Gutter Protection

Tired of having leaves and other debris stuck in your gutters? We have the solution. Newly designed gutters from Leaf Relief come with a metal-mesh screen covering that allows water to pass through and into your gutters while keeping all other debris our. With Leaf Relief, leaves, sticks, and other unwanted materials simply slide off your roof, leaving your gutters clean year-round. To learn more about our Leaf Relief gutter installation services, call our team at (203) 335-8101 today!

Seamless Gutters

We install seamless gutters of homes and businesses across Connecticut. For homes, we offer the standard 5-inch seamless gutter with 2 x 3-inch drain pipe. We supply a 6-inch commercial gutters with  3 x 4-inch leader pipes for added drainage.

Our seamless gutters are white, aluminium, and the heaviest gauge available (.032) for maximum durability and performance. We install aluminum hangers screwed to fascial boards every 24 inches for added holding power. Learn more about our seamless gutter installation services — call our team at (203) 335-8101 today! 
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